Flying to fame and fortune with paint on my pants

The alarm went at some ungodly hour this morning. I prised my eyelids apart as Delightful Dave shoves a double shot latte in my direction. I am nor really the morning person I profess to be. Sure, I am awake early, but fully functioning, I leave that to the birdies.

Thank Huey for the shower, the giver of life! As I emerge from the steam, I see a vision (my mornings can be quite esoteric) Delightful Dave is fully dressed, coiffed, and ready to go. Hmmm, surely that is not tapping emanating from his leather clad soles!

Dave is an organised young man ( I'll give him young, I like to throw him the odd bone). I on the other hand convince myself that I will greet the day a picture of new found, dib dib, dob dob, boy scout, be prepared type qualities. Alas today that is not to be. Slightly panicked squawks emanate from my primal state. " Have you seen my glasses? No not those ones, my drawing glasses. Where is my mechanical pencil ? My sketch pad ? My glasses case ? " You get the drift. Although I tell DD every day that he is lucky to have me ( a tape on the same theme runs sublimanly throughout the night) sometimes I get the slight feeling, that I may frustrate him.

But today bearing the patience of a saint, my beloved stills my flapping hands, passes me my shoes and with ultimate self control does not suggest that it would be preferable if I got my shit together, the day before! After the mammoth task of lugging one very bulging and soon to be discoverd over weight suitcase down fifty five steps ( I may be prone to early morning stretching of the truth ) we are in the car and on our way.

Then I look down. What is that down the front of my good going away pants? Ooops it may be paint! Well yes, of course it is paint. I'm an artist, what can I say? When the inspiration strikes I paint! Usually I get prepared and pop on something that has suffered from previous mishaps, but not always. But as Doris would sing Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, Pete's a touch of a slob you see, que sera sera.

And on that glorious note we are nearly at the airport. Oh and the fame and fortune bit; Delightful Dave and myself are off to Melbourne for the launch of the Creative Couples Project. A delightful book, put together by some beautiful, creative girls. It is a book on twelve couples from the east coast of Australia, that live creative lives, a little left of centre.

Now I have been writing this as DD drove and I am sure he went around the roundabouts several times, for I was a little disorientated. I leapt from the car, grabbed the suitcase and headed left towards the sun. I told you I lived a little left of centre, a path less travelled, sometimes even the wrong path.  Delightful Dave gently turned me in the opposite direction and off we headed to the airport.

Melbourne here we come !



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