We haven't got much money but we've got lovin' honey !

Money it's the root of all evil...oh give me a break ! I personally think money is quite delightful !  

After all mango daiquiris don't grow on trees you know ! Money it's a delightful concept. But is it the be all and end all ? I doubt it. What is money ? Yet another questions.... So many questions . Basic answer ..... it's a way of paying for the life you would like to live !

I am living the life I would like to live. 

Sure I would like some more money, I'm not stupid! But as I said to Delightful Dave " we've got lovin' honey " . I know ..soppy but true. We make each other laugh..    he amuse   ...my muse . My humour at its best . But as someone clever once said " money can't buy happiness". But it can get you a fabulous buy at an opshop ! I love to opshop ! What is not to like.. vintage ..retro ... unusual and different ? I have bought them all !

Sorry sidetracked by a bargain.

We have a privileged life... Something we are well aware of... We have a grouse new roof over our heads.. Beer in the fridge... And a stoli if we need it ! Good old Cyclone Marcia nearly demanded a stoli, but luckily for us it veered around dear old Murwillumbah . What the heck, we had one anyway. After all it was very damp and grey and it goes so well with lime. Lime is a fruit and it's important to have fruit. Wow, maybe I should be a life coach ? Pete's ten steps to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Come of it, you would be bored silly by step three.

Speaking of boring, have you ever been to gym? I have no idea how guinea pigs do it, round and round on their little wheel. If it wasn't for the spelling mistakes on the TV's subtitles I wouldn't last my ten minutes on the treadmill ! Today's was a classic. In a poignant moment of the news "compassion" came up as " com pash " an offer to good to refuse !

Ooops now this was blog was meant to be about money. Why have I never been able to focus on not only the topic, but money itself? I was recently asked if blogging will make me money ? Somehow I can't see it ! But I am having fun and it has added another dimension to my life. It has certainly tested my literary skills, and as for grammar , thank god nobody ever died from a misplaced comma...a missed placed semi-colon maybe , but that sounds too uncomfortable to contemplate. 

To me money is the means of living, loving and eating well. Oh and mangos we do need mangos ! Delightful Dave and I do all the above with abundance ! Luckily DD is a brilliant nurse with a regular income. I fully support him in his career, I know lucky him ! When desperate he will even let me badly iron his uniform. Though I won't listen to gory tales, that is Thelma Louise's job ! But every now and again I whip up an amazing banana, chocolate and coconut cake which is very well received by his coworkers ! Please don't ask for a recipe, I learnt my cake cooking from mother Patty . Step one; throw a whole lot of yummy ingredients in the blender and blend. Step two; Bake . I apologise if anyone was uncomfortable with my rampant use of semi-colons there !! Delightful Dave generally gets to come home to a yummy curry wrapped in a doona (mystery process... maybe I could be a cooking teacher ) and a basically clean, if creatively untidy house. I can never let order get in the way of creativity.

Delightful Dave supports me in my dream to become a successful artist, who could ask for more in a partner . I hate to brag but he also makes an amazing vegetarian lasagne and his profiteroles are to die for...seriously rich !! I knew I had to bring this back to topic somehow :) but seriously a partner that believes in the artist he loves, money can't buy you that !

Trust me Dave this ride won't hurt ! Ooops what's a bruised rib between friends . Murwillumbah show 2014

Trust me Dave this ride won't hurt ! Ooops what's a bruised rib between friends . Murwillumbah show 2014

We are also seriously well off when it comes to wonderful, gorgeous and supportive family and friends. That to me is what life is about. Love is everything, love makes the world go round, and love is what makes us who we are. The daiquiri deck would be a dull place without them, and boy for a little deck it has seen a lot of love !

So sure I'm not sitting on a fat wallet (that gives you sciatica anyway.) but I have love, happiness and enjoyable moments of rampant stupidity ! Damn and I had already declared I'm not stupid ! But choosing to be stupid, now that's another matter. My gorgeous sister Trishy once said to me.. " I just love, that you don't care how big a dag people think you are " and it's true, I don't, and she loves me for it !

We ain't got much money but you've all got my lovin honey ! 

Lots of love Pete xx  

Cheers Trishy you gorgeous thing you xxx

Cheers Trishy you gorgeous thing you xxx