Life's a journey with Thelma Louise

It was wet and wild Easter that inspired the addition of Thelma Louise to our family. The kids and I were stuck inside as the wind and rain lashed at Bohemia, our little Daylesford shack. A trip to library proved invaluable as we returned with "A Guide to the Hundred Best Dogs" and the diversion therapy continued. The local paper informed us that there was Pomeranian puppies to be had. Pomeranians, come on I was a kelpie x collie type of lad. We looked up P for Pomeranian and what did we see? A total fuzz ball full of fun. I said to Jack and Lily "that dog could make me laugh every day". Never was I more right.

Not Thelma Louise but very much like her father

Not Thelma Louise but very much like her father

We bundled into the car and drove to a dilapidated farm on the edge of town. As we pulled in a cacophony of yapping emanated from the closest shed. There in a cage looking like an escapee from One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest, was Thelma's father. The frenzy of yapping was ricocheting off the tin shed like a Gatling Gun. The kids leapt from the car, I was slower, as being of the highly sensitive type, the assault on my ears had rendered me immobile. I found my voice. " Kids get back in the car.....  For god sake get back in the car ". My panic increased as the old dear ambled down the steps towards us. I gave one last frenzied command " kids get back in the car, we are not getting one of those!" They leant in the window and calmly pointed out that as the dear old lady was approaching the car it would be very poor manners to burn out of there as if we were attempting to escape Armageddon. My children always attempted to bring me up well.

Reluctantly I climbed out of the car and introduced myself to the lady of the manor who went by the name of Thelma. Passively, I followed her and the kids inside. There on the kitchen floor next to the Rayburn wood stove, was a sprawling mass of cuteness. My resolution waivers. Is one of these balls of fur and fun soon to become another member of our family? But I must not forget her father, surely it was a dog of demonic parentage. I studied the mother, a pretty smooth coated calm dog, wagging her tail and smiling at us, as proud mothers do. Maybe there was a chance I was wrong? I thought Lily would pick up a puppy, but as always she surprised me and picked up the mother. No snapping, no growling just a happy little dog sitting on a happy little girls knee.

The battle was lost. Jack and I separated a black pointed, golden panda like puppy from her brood of siblings. Our hearts melted. Lily put down the mother and embraced our new family member. Thelma pocketed the cash and we made the dash, with puppy wrapped in Lily's arms. 

Home we went. But what to call our new little bundle? I thought Thelma in honour of her human mum but Lily was very keen on naming her Louise. The solution was glaringly obvious, such a little dog needed a monumental name. Thelma Louise was duly christened. If ever a dog has lived up to her name TL has, she loves a road trip, has little regard for figures of authority and once attempted to drive my car off a cliff, but that is a whole other story ( requests can be directed to :)

I have never regretted the day that Thelma Louise became a Goodlet and true to my prediction she has made me laugh every single day and added much love and hilarity to our lives.


Thelma Louise Gale Goodlet and family

Thelma Louise Gale Goodlet and family

A business course for artists. The ultimate oxymoron !

I am the ultimate optimist, well maybe not the ultimate and certainly not on cloudy days, but seriously I must be an optimist,  I am attempting to make a living from art! Stop laughing you buggers, I'm serious. The general response to such an outrageous statement is "you're dreaming ".

A dreamer I have always been and a dreamer I always shall be. The world needs more dreamers and more artists, we bring a little love and whimsy into the world

Back to school. I have enrolled in weekend workshop of business planning for creatives. The one thing I am sure of is that my budget section will be extremely creative. Suddenly it's six am on Saturday morning, Delightful Dave is applying the much needed double shot latte to my system and I am glancing at the prescribed homework for said course. Homework was never my forte! What the heck I can wing it, I always did at school. My most imaginative excuse I used at school was "my budgie ate it" he was a voracious budgie. 

Bangalow here I come. Just a quick trip over the range, when suddenly I am fighting the urge to wag and spend the day on the beach at Byron Bay. The sky is blue, the water is sparkling and I haven't done my homework. Get behind me Satan. I have important business skills to develop. I know, just writing that makes me chuckle too!

Cheer Up . Slow Down .  Relax.   Love this painting click on its title to see it on the website.

Cheer Up . Slow Down . Relax.   Love this painting click on its title to see it on the website.

I slam on the brakes as I enter Bangalow, I must take a double shot latte with me. Bangalow is stunning in the morning haze, a haze which miraculously clears as the caffeine top up enters my system. Sometimes my hazes are self induced.

At last I am seated in a gorgeous open verandah attached to the Bangalow Museum and Tea Rooms. Believe it or not I was the first one there, our business guru Christina seems duly impressed. Next in, is Lisa, a prestigious art therapist followed by Dunc, the wee Scottish photographer a man of infinite wisdom and dry wit! On a rollicking chorus of hallelujah, Janet and June the choir girls join the soirée. But we are one short? Suddenly a dashing goddess  enters, with her electric blue hair and matching eyes, Melania the high priestess of Electronica is here. Let the festivities (oops sorry) education, commence.

It all starts innocently enough as we introduce ourselves and explore the idea of having a vision for our businesses. Easy peesy ! I want to live the life I say I do on Facebook, but with more money. Apparently this is not a full and well rounded business vision. Thank god there is always Tattslotto! 

Then comes the hard stuff, marketing and budgeting. We are split into groups. Dunc and I don't get much work done but find each other highly amusing as we attempt to plough through the task.

Suddenly a mighty, tuneful screech shatters the studious silence. Who pray tell put the choir girls together ?  I don't think Christina thought that one through. In a sprawling heap of blonde hair, long skirts and colourful wooden beads the girls are at each other tooth and nail. As far as diversions go this is a beauty,  It appears they have both named their choirs " Madonna's love child " what a coincidence. Several pots of chamomile tea are consumed and June lets go with a sigh, Janet may have the name, as my more edgy suggestion of "Madonnas Got A Gun" is far more in tune with her repertoire.

Meanwhile under my guidance Dunc is progressing brilliantly, and has now almost sidelined his dark  moody but brilliant landscape photography to become a kilt wearing market attraction, with the fair style scenic photo board, with holes at several levels for people to pop their heads and other bits through. I love it, Christina not so much and the group suggest it may damage his brand. Oh well no harm done. Still there was no need for Dunc to suggest that he sits further away from the big Dafty. I haven't looked up the meaning of this word but I am sure it is a Scottish term of respect and endearment !

Lisa and Melania have studiously worked away and have pages of colour coordinated notes and are full of insightful questions and suggestions. Harmony has been restored to the choirs girls and they hum away as they hatch their business plans

What about me you ask? I have returned to being a student and I am very relieved to discover that my skills, so well honed over the years in a classroom have not deserted me. I really do make quite a good class clown! As for my business plan, well the highlight of that for me was my vision. To live the full life of Pete Goodlet where art, creativity, words, family, friends and fun combine . Oh and to make a living in a world of love and whimsy.