The Sheep Farmer and the Showgirl

The scene was set. Perched high above the ocean, under a sky filled with diamonds, a large shearing shed sat on the green rolling hills, glowing with anticipation. Thelma Louise led the way as we wandered past the bonfire, wagging tails and waving greetings. It was time for Farmer Glen’s 40th birthday bash. 

Inside the lights were sparkling, the beers, the bubbles and the “darling you’re looking fabulouuuus” were flowing freely. We were here to celebrate which I have to say is something we do with gay abandon. 

Thelma Louise parted the crowds with a huge smile and flowing plume of a tail as she greeted her fans. My god that dog could work a room! I followed along in the wake of my wingbitch, taking whatever pats and greetings she cast my way. Not adverse to a little party myself, we were soon immersed in having ourselves a ball. 

I must say there must have been something in the sheep dip because my girl and I had never danced so hard or leaped so high. The whirling dervishes had nothing on us as we set the pace across the dance floor. We boogied we woogied and we shook our tail feather. As Noel Coward would say “we went to a marvellous party” 

Now back to Farmer G, the birthday boy, or for one fabulous performance the birthday girl! Merryn O was to make her grand debut performance on the gilded stage tonight. Trembling with anticipation Farmer G headed off behind the stage to prepare for the performance of a lifetime. The rest of the cast drank, danced and laughed as slap, lippy, wig and a fabulous sequinned gown were donned by Farmer G.

The house lights dimmed, Kylie’s locomotion came to a screeching halt and anticipation not only mounted, it nearly rode away! Our eyes drifted towards the stage as the first dulcet notes of “It’s raining men” started to fill the room. The curtains trembled as did we all. Merryn O your moment had come! The curtains parted, the crowd gasped and applause thundered as out pranced Thelma Louise. No one ever outshone this showgirl! Luckily Merryn O was so focused on balancing on six inch heels and peering through audacious lashes she barely registered her strawberry blonde stage stealer.

Thelma Louise took the applause with a brilliant smile and a little bow. Now for her next move, at one point she seemed to be a considering a crowd surfing leap from the stage. Modesty took hold and she quietly exited stage left, leaving Merryn O to belt out a spectacular debut performance!

We danced we laughed and we danced some more.  The twinkling stars were giving way to the first stabbing rays of dawn as Thelma Louise and her gangly gay dad curled up on the back seat of our Corolla. We smiled quietly to each other. Tomorrow would be another day.